Posted on: September 16, 2009 3:48 am

The Good, Bad, & Ugly from Week 1

Overall, I think the Chiefs looked strong. They hung with a top notch team that played in the AFC Championship game last year against the Steelers, and not only played but played tough. Baltimore could have easily been Super Bowl champs last year. Here is what I feel the good, bad & ugly were from Week 1. Copy and paste my message and make it your own!

The Good:
Brodie Croylehe kept his composure while being blitzed heavily, and didn't turn the ball over while also throwing for 2 TD's. Can't ask for much more from the guy. 

Receiving - The wide receiver made some great grabs, including TE Sean Ryan. I don't think I saw a dropped pass which is great. 

Special Teams - didn't give them good field position all night, caused a turnover w/ a TD. Can't ask for more than that.

The Bad:
Defensive playcalling - while I like the aggression, they blitzed the safeties on 3rd & Long in the 4th Qtr to allow Clayton to catch that fade route to win the game. Their blitz schemes seemed like they were easily read by a 2nd year QB, what happens when we play against Peyton Manning

The Ugly:
Offensive Line - they weren't able to pick up the constant blitz very well all night, Croyle had little time to do anything. The running game also averaged less than 2 yards per carry, which is pathetic. 

Maurice LeggettClayton tore him a new one. He was constantly beat on pass plays, and Flacco was picking on him. Granted, he is a backup for Flowers, but Id feel more comfortable with a different backup honestly.. He also missed the tackle that sent Ray Rice on the 20 YD run to the 2 YD line to set up the lead.
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Posted on: September 7, 2009 12:11 am

Most upsetting Chiefs cut?

Out of the cuts made by the Kansas City Chiefs to get to 53, which one upset you the most and why? I'd have to say I didn't agree with losing Safety Bernard Pollard, we don't have depth at that position.. 

TE Tom Crabtree 
G Darryl Harris 
WR Taurus Johnson 
WR Ashley Lelie 
RB Javarris Williams 
WR Rodney Wright 
Colin Brown (IR) 
CB Jackie Bates 
DE Dion Gales 
DE Bobby Greenwood 
DT Derek Lokey 
S Bernard Pollard 
LB Zach Thomas 
S Ricky Price 
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Posted on: September 5, 2009 7:45 am

2009 KC Chiefs Predictions

What are your final score and final record predictions for the season? Copy and paste my info and fill it in with yours. I think we will start off taking some losses, but towards the end of the year finally start to put up wins and numbers. Hopefully by then we'll wise up and grab some speed WR threats to give us a deep threat. I see Matt Cassel having a good but not great year. Sean Ryan & Dwayne Bowe will have a bunch of yards and TD's. LJ will be a stud in the backfield with Charles, then run game should be pretty effective. I see the Offense being pretty good this year. The Defense is suspect, but if it shows up to play like it has in the pre season they could put up more wins than any of us think they will provided the Offense is what I expect Haley will eventually get it to be.

KC: 6 @ BAL: 21 
KC: 21  - OAK: 13 
KC: 14 @ PHI: 42 
KC: 10 - NYG: 24 
KC: 21 - DAL: 28 
KC: 17 @ WAS: 21 
KC: 14 - SD: 28 
KC: 28 @ JAX: 31 
KC: 21 @ OAK: 28 
KC: 10 - PIT: 21 
KC: 21 @ SD: 17 
KC: 28 - DEN: 14 
KC: 21 - BUF: 14 
KC: 28 - CLE: 21 
KC: 35 @ CIN: 14 
KC: 42 @ DEN: 21 

 Final Record: 7-9 
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